AzureFilm Company's most recent UPDATES, including COVID-19 & New Website

Date: 21.4.2020 - NEWEST UPDATE - MUST READ After a long hard-working 4 months, we are excited to offically announce the launch of our new website. We are still in process of solving minor issues on the website, and adding new functionalities for distributors. Our goal with...

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Best 3D Printer under 500$ to fit your Budget - Full Review April 2020

If you are looking for Best 3D printer under 500 $ to fit your budget you came on the right article. This is very searched topic at this moment, since there is dozens of cheap 3D printers out there with new ones coming on the market every single day. Technology has not advanced so much...

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AzureFilm Rewards You For Returning Your Empty 3D Filament Spools

For quiet some time people are contacting us about what to do with empty 3d filaments spools. Once you fall in love with 3d printing it will not take long untill your room is full of them. Many just throw them in the bin where it goes to huge plastic landfills. These plastics dumps expand...

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What Is 3D Printing And How Does It Work?

What is 3D Printing and how does 3D FDM Printer Work? 3D printing also referred to as additive manufacturing is a process of turning a digital three-dimensional object into a physical design through a consecutive layer series. Basically, all 3D printing technologies operate under...

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Which Are Most Common 3D Printing Problems?

3D printing is amazing and no doubt 3D printer produce incredible models. However, there are those frustrating moments when unexpected challenges come up making printing unsuccessful. Some of these problems do not cause immediate alteration to the printing process and therefore not quick to...

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