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Partnership program

Partner up with the fastest growing industry leader in 3D filament manufacturing industry and one of the highest performing European companies on the market today. Together we are building a better future, our growth is based on trust and mutual support.

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Our vision

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B2B Resellers

Trusted solution with highest performance/quality for all your 3D printing needs

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Custom empty plastic spools

25 years of experiencing CNC milling combined with in house product design and production

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Production line

Unique quality and performance of our filaments is achieved by in house production line solution & development

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Custom web shop

Adopt all our existing products and services and get everything you need to start your business at the push of a button

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Our partnership program

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Promotional Content

We have a dedicated team that is solely focused on content creation. By joining forces with us, you get access to powerful marketing materials which you can use to promote over social media or anywhere online.

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Market Value

All our partner network can benefit from fresh innovations that we bring with our state-of-the-art R&D department together with polymer techology institutes from Slovenia.

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Automated order processing

Dealing with hundreds of orders at a time has made us strive for excellence in our warehouse logistics. Our B2B platform just became an easy order&pay self-service, for speed up delivery going directly from a click to our warehouse for packaging.

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Premium handling

Registering to our B2B program will you get our premium support and faster fulfillment of your order

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Resources and supply

Our supply chain can benefit from strategic alliances we have developed in past 7 years. Fast delivery, large stock of raw materials for further market expansion, fast transportation services and fast RMA service.

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Not only do we have a broad range of products and services, but we also bring the best ROI for all our partners.

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GEM Policy

We are extremely dedicated to ensure every one of our partners has equal chance of growing together with us, thus we have to ensure that nobody is hitting the market with unhealthy competition. We would like our quality, performance, usability speak for itself.

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Custom web shop

As our loyal partners we are willing to help you out as much as we can. Get all our content and existing products without a hassle. Adopt existing infrastructure, as soon as we upload new products they get visible in your webshop aswell.


community and resellers base growth



We are leading manufacturer of 3D printing filaments from Slovenia (EUROPE). All our 3D printing
solutions are developed together with leading institutes and universities for polymer caracterization in Slovenia.

azurefilm team

Our most used line of filaments that are both easy to use and offer best price/performance for all your 3D printing needs


Our PETG line is extremely durable, solid and odorless. It offers the best mechanical strength and visual appeal with perfect layer adhesion. It is a good all-round type of filament for beginners or experts.


Our Premium filament line consists of SILK line, WOOD line, FLEXIBLE line, GLITTER line. Those are special type of filaments that have extra outlooks, are visually striking and still allow high performing prints. Explore this range

AZUREFILM Technical™

Our Technical line consists of STRONGMAN, ABS, ASA, CARBON FIBER and NYLON. Those filaments have high tensile strenght, high chemical resistance, reinforced fibers, low weight and are used in sectors such as automotive, aerospace, military, engineering. Check out more.

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We are only looking for the best and most dedicated partners to grow with. We are currently working with 110+ quality distributors in over 30 different countries worldwide. We all share a common goal that is in line with our vision and values. If you want to be a part of the fastest growing 3D printing family, please fill out the form below

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  • Fastest growing 3D printing filament made in Slovenia
  • Premium quality & performance
  • Only the best raw materials used
  • High quality master batch for vibrant colors
  • No more strining, warping and clogging
  • High precision and dimensional accuracy +/-0.02mm
  • Easy to use for al beginners
  • Reliable thermal properties and consistent extrusion
  • Low customer return rate
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Universal performance on all FDM 3D printers (including FlashForge, Creality, RepRap and MakerBot printers, Ultimaker, Bits from Bytes, Airwolf3D, Makergear, Printrbot, Bukobot, Ultimaker, Zortrax
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